The many faces of Great Blue Heron

First up is classic great blue. He (she?) just stands there doing nothing. Classic great blue is vaguely narcissistic, hoping passers-by will say “Ooo, awww, isn’t he (she?) beautiful?”

Great Blue Heron

Next up is reflective great blue. This is a little bit like classic great blue in that he (she?) is doing that narcissistic posing thing. But don’t be fooled. Great blue has one eye on the water, hoping to catch sight of food.

Great Blue Heron

Then we have hunting great blue. This is more honest: great blue isn’t pretending to pose while doing something else. All he (she?) wants is food.

Great blue heron hunting

Fourth up is lunging great blue. Food is in sight. Unlike hamburgers, heron food moves fast, so great blue has to move faster.

Great blue heron lunging in water

Finally, there’s snacking great blue. Needs no explanation.

Great blue heron eating fish

Next challenge is getting a decent shot of flying great blue.

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