Photographing Buildings In Manhattan

Photographing buildings in Manhattan is a challenge, or at least it was for me last week, and for two reasons. First, I didn’t have the right gear, only my little mirrorless Fujifilm camera and a pancake lens. Second, even if I had the right gear, buildings in Manhattan have been shot to death. What could I possibly say that’s original or interesting? So I side-stepped the question. Instead of photographing buildings, I photographed people (since I was really there to do street photography anyways) and was mindful of buildings lurking in the background to give the people context. Here are some of the results.


Man sitting on fire hose connection with Flatiron Building in background


Flatiron Building viewed through scaffolding


Reflection of building in puddle at 5th & E 31st St.


Girl with violin & the Empire State Building in the background.


The Chrysler Building


Grand Central Station at night.

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