Signs Of The Times

A selection of signs in downtown Toronto:


No Smokin or Standing at Psychic Entraence!!

I don’t see that a psychic has much to complain about in this situation; she should have foreseen the problem before she set up business. Also, I would have thought psychics are better spellers than this. Couldn’t she “travel” to the library & consult the OED before she tried a tricky word like “entrance?” When people consult her, does she put them in a traence?


Please: do not pee on here.

Seems like a reasonable request, but why the colon after please? Isn’t a colon more appropriate after a request not to shit on here?


This sign was made in the past for you in the future who is present.

This sign was made in the past by the people from timeanddesire.


The future called: wants a do-over (knows you were high)

On a zoning by-law amendment notice for a 42-story condo, this one needs no explanation.


I love my muff.

Reminds me of my brother-in-law, who makes maple syrup & posted a YouTube video about proper bush management.

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