Handheld Photos At Night

Typically, when I go out at night, I bring a tripod, shoot long exposures, cityscapes with light trails, people so blurred you can’t recognize them. But sometimes it’s good to break the rules, even if they are only self-imposed. Here are some night shots without a tripod. I’ve cranked up the ISO and used my Sigma F/1.4 50mm prime lens. For stability, I’ve jammed the camera against a wall or a sign post or a street light. What I find is that if I stay long enough in one position, I become invisible; people walk past me as if I’m not even there.

Walking Along Bloor St. At Night

The exception seems to be skateboarders. They know I’m there, but they want me to be there. They want me to capture them in the middle of a brilliant move.

Skateboarding At Night

I’m not so sure people would appreciate me capturing them as they exit a strip club. In this instance, I captured a panhandler, a taxi, a passer-by, and the bouncer … but no patrons, so I guess I’m safe. I’m curious to know what distinguishes “European Style” dancing from North American Style dancing. Actually, I’m not that curious.

The Brass Rail Strip Club

There’s a fruit & veggie shop open late on Yonge Street. It’s easier to get handheld shots when you’re shooting into a well lit area. I shot both with and without passers-by and prefer this shot with a passer-by; it gives the image a sense of motion.

Fruit Store On Yonge Street

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