Holy Merchandise

There’s a shop on Parliament Street south of Wellesley that sells religious merchandise. I’ve featured the front window before; I had been drawn to it by a notice posted in the window. I now realize this is a shop I’m going to have to track over time. Interesting things happen here.


The other day, I noticed how sunlight was shining through the front window and illuminating a statue of (I presume) Joseph holding the baby Jesus. I stood to one side so I could include the Beer Store sign across the street (these kind of juxtapositions amuse me). Then I waited for people to walk past. When I was satisfied that I had a decent shot, I continued on my way.

It wasn’t until later in the afternoon, as I was returning home, that I noticed something else. There was a rock inside the fenced-in area in front of the shop. The rock and its sign present something of a tautological puzzle. As far as I can discern, the only reason for the sign is to keep the stone in place. And the only reason for the stone is to keep the sign in place. Could this be some kind of parable I don’t yet understand? I must investigate further.


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