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Traffic in New York

I’m not sure traffic in New York — or at least in Manhattan — is as bad as everyone says. Then again, I live in downtown Toronto so what do I know? The subway has a lot better coverage than in Toronto. And the grid of one way streets is effective. Cars don’t get stuck at one light … and then the next … and then the next. And pedestrians only have to worry about traffic coming from one direction.


Bicycle on Broadway viewed from Union Square.


Traffic cops.


Exiting the subway.


Helicopter taking off from the West 30th Street Heliport.


Trains at the Hudson Rail Yards.


Vertical parking lot.


Empty vodka bottle in garbage can. Could the traffic have something to do with this?

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Street Art in NYC

I didn’t have time to sniff out really good examples of street art when I was visiting Manhattan. I suspect that if I were a tourist visiting Toronto, I’d have the same problem in reverse. I wouldn’t know where to look. Nevertheless, I saw what I saw and share it here:








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Times Square – Mecca of Cheese

All the tourists go to Times Square in search of the real New York. What they find is each other … and people hustling them (which may, in fact, be the real New York).


They’ll hustle you for your money, or your soul … probably both.


Proselytism can be an aggressive sport.


The Naked Cowboy sings with a cheesy sincerity.


Like vampires, all the tourists come out at night.


There’s a calm that settles over Times Square in the morning.

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Photographing Buildings In Manhattan

Photographing buildings in Manhattan is a challenge, or at least it was for me last week, and for two reasons. First, I didn’t have the right gear, only my little mirrorless Fujifilm camera and a pancake lens. Second, even if I had the right gear, buildings in Manhattan have been shot to death. What could I possibly say that’s original or interesting? So I side-stepped the question. Instead of photographing buildings, I photographed people (since I was really there to do street photography anyways) and was mindful of buildings lurking in the background to give the people context. Here are some of the results.


Man sitting on fire hose connection with Flatiron Building in background


Flatiron Building viewed through scaffolding


Reflection of building in puddle at 5th & E 31st St.


Girl with violin & the Empire State Building in the background.


The Chrysler Building


Grand Central Station at night.

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That Moment of Pause

Not everything in New York City moves at the pace of a George Gershwin piece. People DO take time to pause and reflect. Last week I was privileged to capture some of those moments.


Gazing over 10th Ave from the High Line.


Reclining on the High Line.


Cyclist pauses by the Conservatory Water in Central Park.


Leaning against the wall at Chelsea Market.


Here, it’s the window that does the reflecting. It’s the shoe that demands the pause.

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The Digital Moment

From smartphones to camcorders to DSLRs, digital devices have become so ubiquitous, it’s like they’re everywhere. I observe (ironically) with my own digital device, and share (hypocritically?) through digital media. It’s almost impossible now to find a non-digital vantage point from which to observe.


Selfie on 5th Avenue.


Not everyone has gone digital.


Maternity shoot in Central Park.


Infant looks on while mom texts.


When you see the Buddha, shoot him!

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Street Photography in NYC – Money

This is related to my previous post about “commerce on the ground” only, in this post, the money is more obvious.


Cigar-smoking inflatable rat holding money bag.


Vendor examining a bill.


Princess in Times Square counting his cash.


Patriotic lady holding a wad of cash in Times Square.

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Street Photography in NYC – Commerce

When I think of commerce in New York, I tend to think of Wall Street, but there’s commerce on the ground, too: people doing whatever it takes to earn a living. Here are samples that run the gamut from shoppers in the flagship store of the world’s most valuable corporation to buskers in Washington Square Park.


Dancing in Washington Square Park – note the tip jar on the piano.


Pushing a food cart across 5th Avenue.


Waiting for service at the Apple Store.


Books for sale on a street corner.


Delivering beer kegs on W 23rd St. by the High Line.

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Street Photography in NYC

I just got back from three nights in Manhattan. I was able to devote two and a half days to intensive loitering as me and my mirrorless camera honed our street photography skills. Street photography in Manhattan is like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s so easy. I can think of a number of reasons why this is the case.

The first and most obvious reason is the intensity of pedestrian traffic. With so many people on the streets, it produces a continuous stream of interactions and exchanges–the dramatic subject matter of street photography.


Hailing a cab on 5th Ave at E 53rd St.

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